Who Are We?


My main route to dog-training has been through competing in dog agility with my dog, Koro the Australian Shepherd. We currently compete in ‘Grade 2’. I’m coached by Angus Macfarlane, who competes as a ‘Grade 7’ agility handler (top level nationally), and sometimes runs guest sessions with us.

I’m currently studying a level 3 diploma in Dog Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies, have an IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) Partnership Grade 3 certificate, and have taken training courses with Devon Dogs and Friendly Creatures, as well as personal coaching with the UK’s top ‘interactive play’ expert Craig Ogilvie. I have also been supported by a charity in ‘owner training’ Koro as my assistance dog.

I offer: agility training, puppy and obedience training, trick training and dog-care.

I use rewards, play and games to build a good relationship between dogs and owners and activate your dog’s understanding of how much fun working with and for a human can and should be. All dogs are ‘working dogs’ at heart, and if ‘being your pet’ is the job your dog is learning, we can teach them how to ace their career as a pet in a way that is fulfilling and safe for both them and you. 


This is Koro.

So many people have stories of dogs who have transformed their lives - I’m another one of those.

Both agility training and assistance training require a huge roster of task-based skills, self-control, partnership, passion and emotional regulation from a dog - that’s some of what she has learned from living with me. She has taught me:

how to always meet the dog where it’s at
how to laugh at mistakes
how to appreciate progress
how to apologise appropriately to people who have had their picnics stolen (those days are very thankfully behind us)
how play and work can be the same thing

and plenty more.

What is Agility?
Agility is a sport, where you work with your dog, as a team, to send your dog around an obstacle course as speedily as possible. Fastest dog wins (but dogs do NOT run at the same time!!)
I teach foundations and how to start off for people without competition experience.

Agility sessions involve… teaching your dog to go over jumps, through tunnels and slalom-poles, and to follow your body language and directions. Agility is all about playing chasing games with your pup – using the positive reinforcement of toys and treats. It is exhilarating for pups and humans alike!

Which Dogs Can Do It?
As long as your dog is fit and healthy, dogs of all breeds and ages can get stuck in. Puppies only start going over jumps and trying weaves (slalom) from 7 months, but can start with plenty of foundation skills from any age. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Dogs need skills like good recall, a solid ‘wait’ and a desire to work with you to do agility, but we will also work on these as part of sessions if required. 

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